My system is a Pentium 166MMX with 64M RAM and 24 spd CDROM,2xHDDs totalling 7.7M and OS Win95 OSRa. The problem I am experiencing is with the CDROM drive. After installing successfully the 2nd HDD and creating 4 partitions, the CDROM became Drive H. There were no problems for a couple weeks. Then when trying to access a disk in the CDROM drive the message 'no disk present' appeared. The end result is that Windows Explorer now sees the CDROM as Drive ' I ', also the same in File Manager.
I know the drive settings can be changed in the Control Panel, but when I checked there it was still set as ' H '. So, as I don't mind which letter is used, as long as it works, I tried changing the Control Panel setting to ' I ', but this still did not get the drive to work. Please assist in sorting this out if possible. I thought of using 'Rename' of the Folder but this option is switched off.
I'm not sure how this the CDROM got changed, but it may have been caused by the ScrollMouse. This occasionally has a hernia and for minutes at a time, about once a month, takes control of itself and clicks all over the place in an uncontrolled frenzy, openning, closing all over the screen. This just happenned a couple days earlier while my wife was using the PC.