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    Default Remove passport from XP user account

    Anyone here know how to remove a Passport account from an XP user account so it stops showing up in the log in screen "You have 7 unread email messages"
    any help thanks

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    Default Re: Remove passport from XP user account

    > OI

    Uh, hi.

    Click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts.

    In the window that opens click on the user account you want to remove the passport connection from, under the heading "or pick an account to change".

    At the top left of that window should be "Manage my network passwords". Click on that.

    In the new dialogue box, highlight "Passport.Net\*(Passport)", and click Delete. Close all the windows and log out of XP (you don't need to restart, just log out to the Welcome screen). When you log back in, your account should no longer be associated with your passport.


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