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    Default Help - with Outlook ...

    I have always used Outlook Express myself so I'm not familiar with Outlook, here's the question.

    How to set up Outlook to receieve files like .exe or any attachments?

    In Outlook Express you can go to Tools -> Option -> Security and under Virus Protection you can uncheck the Do not allow attachments to be saved .... and you can save the attachments.

    But In Outlook?

    THanks in advance guys

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    sam m

    Default Re: Help - with Outlook ...

    I asked the same question a while ago.
    The end result being follow instructions from here (kindly supplied be GF)

    Not that keen on playing with that sort of stuff I use a Plan B.
    I simply forward the email to a Hotmail account and download the attachment from there. I doubt whether I would ever have to do that more than once a year so it suits me ok. Alternatively you could forward it to yourself. Shut down Outlook before it comes back and then open OE and open it with that.

    sam m

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