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    Default Toshiba Sattelite usb keyboard and mouse quit

    My laptop is set up with an external ergo keyboard and mouse via a usb conector, both plug into the connector and the one usb conects to the laptop. The conecter is from DSE. Sometimes the keyboard and the mouse stop working randomly while using them and I have to reboot. Don't know if its the conecter or the laptop causing this. The conecter is about one month old, the laptop is about 8 months old. Windows XP, 2.4g. Whats the likely problem?

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    Default Re: Toshiba Sattelite usb keyboard and mouse quit

    What sort of USB "connector"? Is it a small hub? (If you give us the DSE catalogue number it would help)

    It sounds like you may be overloading the single USB port on the PC. They can only deliver a finite amount of power, and will shut down if overloaded

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    Default Re: Toshiba Sattelite usb keyboard and mouse quit

    Couldn't find it on DSE site. Its just a cable that plugs into USB port on laptop, and has two PS2? connections at the other end that connect to the keyboard and mouse. Perhaps seperate cables to seperate USB ports would be the solution. No that won't work cos I just looked and only have one USB port.

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