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    sam m

    Default A simple sorting software needed

    I am about ready to reformat computer and reinstal XP. I have done this a couple times ok but I have trouble sorting out the files to save. Generally I put all my music in several folders and then the pics and other files in appropriate folders. I then just simply burn them to CD and then proceed with reinstal.

    However I then end up with a pile of CD's with lots of folders that take me forever to find often a particular file/song/pic.

    I was wondering if there was such a programme that allowed me to sort my files in to a more manageable system so that before I back up these files I can arrange them by date and/or filename and/or size. Then when I need to search for them in the future I will have appropriate labelled CD's to ease the search for specific files.

    sam m

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    Rod J

    Default Re: A simple sorting software needed

    Hi Sam,

    I can recommend a very useful CD/Floppy/Hard drive cataloging program I use frequently. It's called Advanced Disk Catalog . I archive all my stuff to CD's and I find this program invaluable for finding those essential files later without the need to keep swapping and searching CD's (it also catalogs the contents of archive files too).


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    Greg S

    Default Re: A simple sorting software needed

    Windows Explorer does it all for me

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    sam m

    Default Re: A simple sorting software needed

    Thanks Rod.
    it certainly looks like it will help with my current cd's.

    Reading my original post again I think that I didnt quite explain myself clearly.
    I was thinking more in the line of a databse programme that will allow me to catalogue my current files on my hard drive. I am expecting that I will have to manually add these files to the database then when necessary. Then I can run a search for a specific genre/size/file type. Create an appropriate folder and then add them in before saving on cd.
    The Advanced Disk Catalogue programme I have now installed will help me to search once on CD but I just want to sort them before they get to the CD.

    Hope this is a bit clearer.

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    Default Re: A simple sorting software needed

    This is probably too low tech for what you want but if all that you need is a list of filenames and what particular folder they are in you could use DOS to create a file list.

    In the DOS window navigate to the root folder that holds your music,pics etc and use the DIR command to create a file.

    eg DIR /O:N /S > C:\LIST.TXT will create a file called List.txt in folder C:\ and contains a list of all files in the current folder and all subfolders with the filenames in alphabetical order.


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    sam m

    Default Re: A simple sorting software needed

    Thanks Parry,
    Not quite again but to be honest that would be too high tech for me.
    I know what they are and generally I can find them on my hard drive but I just want to be able to sort them by their different genre (I'll use music for this example)

    My idea is to open up all the songs that I have, (in all their different folders)

    Manually add them to a database where I can enter Title / Artist / Genre / Size (and anything else that might be relavant.

    This would be an ongoing list as more songs are added.

    Then..........At anytime I can go to this database and either sort the songs by title / artist / genre or search for them via the same method.

    Someone suggested something called Access? but not sure if that is what I want as the only search online came up with a M$ product that looked far too big for what I want.

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    Default Re: A simple sorting software needed

    Yup you can enter into Excel or Access but you probably have to enter a lot of info yourself. I could write a macro that grabbed the filenames but getting the genre etc would be too difficult as it requires an API call.

    There should be MP3 cataloguers on the net such as Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro 3.07. Have a hunt for others via Google.

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    Billy T

    Default Re: A simple sorting software needed

    Hi Sam

    I'm not sure if I understand the problem here. You make back up copies of your folders to CD prior to reformatting, so why not just copy those folders/files back to your computer afterwards? Presumably you knew where all the files were prior to reformatting and were able to access and use them OK.

    Maybe you need to adopt a better system for ordering your files as you acquire them, then an after-the-fact sorting job won't be required.

    It's just a thought.


    Billy 8-{)
    [pre]You could also use Drive Imaging then you would never
    need to reformat again. Never, not ever!

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    sam m

    Default Re: A simple sorting software needed

    I guess the problem I have is that I get a lot of stuff on my computer. I fill up my 40GB so figure it is time to reinstal and therefore wipe it all off. When I back up all my files I dont want to add them back to the hard drive as it will fill it again. It comes down to housekeeping which I know I lack so all I really want is to one by one add them to some sort of database so that I know what I have (so I dont go and download the same song again) and I can search for a particular song or file without putting in every single cd to find it. The prog that rodj suggested looks like it will help but I want a database of all my files so I am not downloading stuff I already have.

    Drive imaging....hmmmm any helpful links?

    sam m

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    Default Re: A simple sorting software needed

    The method that I use myself is what Parry has suggested. My files are organised into folders (eg Documents, Music, Graphics, etc) and sub-folders on my hard drive and then straight copied (not compressed) to CD-R discs as backups. When backing up I keep all the Music folders and files on one set of CDs, Graphics and Photos folders and files on another, etc. I then use Parry's DOS command from a Command window in Windows XP to obtain a text file list of the contents of each CD.
    If you wished to you could paste the contents of all your CD lists into one text file and be able to search for the file names when required. As long as your CDs are labelled and you remember to add the name of this label to the top of each text file list you will easily be able to find the CD on which the file required is stored with a search.

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