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    Default where can i learn to....

    i wanna learn to write scripts, or batch files (maybe i'm using the wrong names) for windows XP; to automate certain tasks.

    for example, one to open a search box with system and hidden files boxes ticked under the advanced searched option. and another to open a search box with no advanced search features enabled. maybe a further one to delete the temp files that clean manager misses...

    if you know of any websites that teach how to write scripts etc, please let me know.

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    Default Re: where can i learn to....

    I am not even sure how you would script that. It depends on what applications you mean.

    Are you talking about scripting a set of command line actions? Or are we talking something more sophisticated? I don't think XP has any sort of universal macro recording and editing capability like there was in much earlier versions.

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    Default Re: where can i learn to....

    I think there is a limit to what you can do through a batch script. You should try doing a search for batch script writing tutorials to start. I think for basic tasks it should be as simple as finding the launch code, entering the comand (eg. ipconfig/ flushdns, del index.dat /s or netstat -n or something) and then saving it as a .dat file, either to the windows directory or startup folder. Can't say I have much experience with batch scripts but I'm sure you will strike a tutorial site in a search.

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    Default Re: where can i learn to....

    .bat files*

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    Default Re: where can i learn to....

    Two sites with help on writing .bat files are here:
    They may not be suitable for Windows XP however.

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    Default Re: where can i learn to....

    I hear microsoft prefers scripting *.vbs as the replacement for batch files
    I believe what has been asked may be possible using vbs scripting BUT ITS BEEN A LONG TIME since I have done any of this type of scripting, suggest you try the micosoft developer site, sorry dont have the url for it on this machine.
    batch files will run in xp enviroment, but xp somtimes needs a little help such as coping a dos command utility ( such as choice) into the root of the drive you wish to use it on.

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    Default Re: where can i learn to....

    thanks for the feedback people. yeah, i was also wondering about .vbs files (but forgot to add to post).

    i'll post back if successful, though it doesn't look especially promising.

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    Babe Ruth

    Default Re: where can i learn to....


    Here is an excellent book which you could order from your local bookstore, or possibly your library. The details are: Windows Admin Scripting Little Black Book

    (I have this book, among others including "WMI Essentials - for Automating Windows Management", and find it very useful)

    Cheers, Babe.

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    Default Re: where can i learn to....

    you could try having a look at some automatic scripting tools that microsoft makes...I think they are called scriptomatic and tweakomatic. They are free to download from the MS site, just search for it. Theres also a lot about scripting there. I don't think you really want to use a batch file as you can do a lot more a lot easier with vbs type scripts. Having said that batch files are still useful for some things.

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    Default Re: where can i learn to....

    Windows Scripting is the way to go - you can use either JavaScript (.js) or VB Script (.vbs).

    Head to the Microsoft Scripting site and grab the "Microsoft Windows Script 5.6 Documentation for Download".

    It will have everything you need to know.

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