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    Default {OT} Auto Trans probs

    My GF's car has suddenly got a problem with the automatic gearbox. The problem is when going uphill or starting off, it revs up for a few seconds, then it bites into gear very harshly.
    I have rung a few places, but they just want to take it apart and charge a hell of a lot for it.
    I know it will have to go to a pro to be fixed but I would like to know what the problem might be before sending it in for an assessment.
    I know this is a mile away from the forums main topic, but I am starting to get frustrated.

    OS: 1990 MX5
    119000 km
    1.6L fuel injected engine
    4 tyres

    BTW: Also for sale if anyone wants it....

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    Billy T

    Default Re: {OT} Auto Trans probs

    I would get opinions from two sources:

    1) An authorised Mazda dealership service dept

    2) An auto transmission specialist familiar with Mazda autos.

    Dependong on opinions and subsequent quotes, I would investigate the cost of a second-hand transmission from either an automotive dismantler or an importer of used transmissions.

    Sometimes that effect can be a simple adjustment, especially if it developed slowly over time. If it started suddenly then a specific fault is more likely.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: {OT} Auto Trans probs

    Check the transmission fluid level...that`s about all you can check and adjust yourself.
    Billy T , has the best advice after that.


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    Default Re: {OT} Auto Trans probs

    I assume you have tried the obvious, like checking the level of Transmission Fluid using the dipstick at the rear of the motor (opposite side to the main oil dipstick)?

    If its a major overhaul, you might be better to source a s/h auto box, however as these cars use a rear wheel drive version of the B6 powerplant, they will not be all that common.

    As it happened suddenly, then its likely something has failed more than worn out. They usually go longer than that.

    I also run an automatic MX5

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    Default Re: {OT} Auto Trans probs

    Do grandchildren by chance use grandfathers car?
    Doing this always seems to produce sudden mechanical problems shortly afterwards.


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    sam m

    Default Re: {OT} Auto Trans probs

    > Check the transmission fluid level...that`s about
    > all you can check and adjust yourself.
    > Billy T , has the best advice after that.
    > DD.

    And also check the colour and smell as well. If the oil is dark red and has a strong burnt smell then I would suggest change the oil and filter. It is so often overlooked and like the engine auto's do have a regular maintenance schedule.

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    Default Re: {OT} Auto Trans probs

    Hi an oil & filter change will not do anything as the dammage is all ready done.
    First check the auto for truble codes. Could be a oil temp sensor could be faulty if that model has one.
    Second the clutch lingings or bands are worn out. A stall test would comfurm that. Maybe the clutch piston spring plates have broken causing it to slip.
    My advice is to take it to a mazda dealer & have the codes checked & road tested. If it has to come out get a written quote for a full rebuld or fitting a second hand one that has been serviced & with a waranty

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    Default Re: {OT} Auto Trans probs

    If we are talking hill, jumping suddenly into drive, then I would put
    good money on fluid level and filter. Pull the stick and check it
    yourself. Could be very wrong but it's worth checking before outlaying
    hard earned.


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    Default Re: {OT} Auto Trans probs

    Thanks all for the advice....
    I knew there would be some petrol heads out there!

    I have a mechanic coming to look at it today, so all the posts will give me a fighting chance to know what he is on about!!!

    Thanks again.

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