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    I am looking for a program that will show, coltages, temps, and fan speed. I have tried "Motherboard Monitor", but it is only showing voltages. Fan 0 and temps 0. When I started this morning it started screeming and gave warning message that fan speed , 0, was below minimum.
    My comp. is P4-3.0 on a GA-8IPE 1000 m/b. with 1024 megs of DDR 400 ram.
    My previous comp came with program, "PC Alert-4" which showed all and worked well. That was for an Athlon. Would it work with new comp?
    I can not find any Utilities for a Gigabyte m/b

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    it sounds like you have not set mbm up correctly. yeah it can be a pain to set up. the other good prog is hardware monitor.

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    You may also like to try Aida32 from

    also- if you have a Gigabyte board you may find programs on their site


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    Have you checked to make sure that your case fans are connected to the motherboard, not just the power supply? It's a small connector off the fan.

    I had the same trouble with my Gigabyte MB not reporting anything back to my overclocking software, until I changed the cables around.

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