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    Default Resizing a partition

    I had a Linux partition (1.3GB) which I wanted to change to FAT32 which I did using Partition Magic but in the process it changed one of the other FAT32 Partitions (6GB) to something else (Partition Magic described it as <free>, fdisk described it as <unknown>). Is there a tool which will only change the partition type back to FAT32 as it hasn't been reformatted, without creating it (and trashing the data on the partition). I have since found that my backups are... um... not quite backing up the files I expected :O

    It hasn't been the best of computing days!

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    Ive found that Booting knoppix will do just what you're after, as Ive done the same myself on more than one occasion ;-)

    Im sure Ive seen you post about having Knoppix lying round somewhere?


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    Just to add to that:
    Slackware Live should work too...

    You may need to re-mount the partitions R/W though, possibly specifying -t fat32
    Aside from that, hope for the best ;-)



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