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Thread: Another Scam???

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    Default Another Scam???

    I recieved this email this morning, I am not the sort of person to respond to this sort of rubbish but I was just wondering if anyone knew what sort of scam this was and what they do with the information they recieve(I am sure there are people out there who would respond!!).

    Sorry about the length but you have to read the whole thing.


    P.S. We dont have any "offers" on our website as the writer refers to in the 1st sentence.

    "Sir or Madam

    After we had discovered the website of your company, we inspected your offer,
    which caught our attention, with great interest. We also
    provided this information to our business partners from regions where we
    perform our business activities. We were kindly surprised by a great
    interest and an enquiry for more particular information and sale propagation

    Therefore we would kindly ask for all possible info about your offer. In order
    to improve the quality of the sale and distribution of your offer, could
    you please send us all the possible material in printed version. We decided for
    this option, because Internet is not rather expanded in Eastern
    Europe. Knowing our market from long-time experience, we know, that a big
    percentage of transactions follow after the client had the
    possibility to see a printed version of the offer. Printer prospects constrain
    more attention, because they are physically in front of the reader. An
    offer in an electronical form / email, catalog on CD / usually has lower
    response, because it is rather impersonal. This feature is given by the
    former mentality system of people and the weak familiarity with IT

    Considering the post-comunistic past of these countries / when all western
    products were matter of embargo / on this market there is a big
    demand for quality products from western and overseas countries.

    Our company is located in Slovakia and engaged in marketing support and
    distibution of several types of products in Eastern Europe and
    Rusia for many years.

    Whereas our activities are spread all througt eastern Europe and Russia , we
    would like to ask you for more sets of your poropagation
    materials, if possible. It would be wery essential, because we could start the
    propagation of your products in all the countries at once, which
    would multiple the possible business contracts.

    Hereby we request the terms of possible future cooperation, and the minimum
    order amount, or the „setup order“ conditions.

    Please, send all the information and offer material to the folowing address:

    Contact Plus s.r.o.
    P.O.Box 090-0100
    Bratislava 90
    800 90

    We look forward to your reply and hope for the establishing of good business
    cooperation and partnership.

    With regads

    Larry Kovacs

    P.S.: For no extra expencienses, please send all materials by regular post, not
    via curier services
    We would like to apologise in case you have recieved our e-mail more
    than once, sorry for the inconvince.
    As it is we did not know which department to send the e-mail and who
    was responsible for Eastern Europe.

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    John H

    Default Re: Another Scam???

    I have not heard of this "scam" before (if it is a scam, that is).

    However, could this be a fishing expedition for advertising materials for inclusion in a trade directory? If so, not doubt you would subsequently receive an invoice for advertising if you sent them any materials.

    I regularly receive invoices for a non authorised listing in a Central European Fax Directory (I don't even know if it exists)... It is a good thing that I am self employed (as a sole worker!) so I know what invoices to pay on and what not to pay... I imagine these spurious invoices could slip through in a larger organisation.

    Sorry I have no idea what this is - just a thought.


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    Default Re: Another Scam???

    As well as this email I seem to be getting a few other similar emails along the same lines.
    I have also noticed that I am recieving a few spam mails. I used to get around 30 a day but then came xtras spam filter which was great, till about a week ago now I get 2 or 3 a day sneeking through. Anyone know why this would be? are the spammers getting wise to the filter software?

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    Default Re: Another Scam???

    Respond to this, and be sure to be bombarded with more traditional 'spam'.


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    Default Re: Another Scam???

    ..................SCAM ......WITHOUT A DOUBT............................................. ...............

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    Greg S

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    > ..................SCAM ......WITHOUT A
    > DOUBT............................................. ...
    > ...........


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    Default Re: Another Scam???

    Oh, why ofcoz this is nothing but a good old scam, judging the stupidity in the greeting; "madam OR sir"... Hahahha....Block sender by IP range, filter this to dev/nul

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    Default Re: Another Scam???

    The bad spelling is also a dead giveaway that it is some sort of Spam.


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    Default Re: Another Scam???

    I don't know why people even bother reading those things.

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    Default Re: Another Scam???

    The original question was what did they do with the information they received - did they continue with a Nigerian Style Scam or what happened to it?
    It's already been stated that it's a scam in the original post

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