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    Default Win98Se dies this month.What to do?

    I've had a computer for 9 months.
    It is Win98SE...a former office machine
    I bought it with no computer experience whatsoever - merely a long-term interest..
    For 6 months, I tried to find out by myself how it worked. Some thngs I managed quite well. Others I stuffed up completely & may not have totally fixed even yet.
    However, in October, I found PF1, which has given me not only information on my own problems, but also on things I would nver have contemplated.
    Consequently, I trust you all for advice on what I shold do about the fact that everyone says my system is about to die in the next few days.
    Yes, I have all the available updates, but what else should I be doing?

    (And I suggest I'm not the only one in PF1 who' d like/needs to know this)

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    Default Re: Win98Se dies this month.What to do?

    Relax there Laura, Wins98SE has had a reprieve and won`t be laid to rest until June of 2006.That`s plenty of time to think about alternatives I reckon.

    Have a nice day


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    Default Re: Win98Se dies this month.What to do?

    I don't see the problem,its not like the os is going to stop working or anything even when MS declare it dead.

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    Default Re: Win98Se dies this month.What to do?

    No it died before it was even released

    Sorry I just couldn't resist :-)

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Win98Se dies this month.What to do?

    Windows 98 will continue to work as well (or as badly ) as it does now.

    What Microsoft will stop doing is give you phone support (which you have never used) or make patches to fix problems.

    You will only "need" a new OS when you buy a new computer.

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    Default Re: Win98Se dies this month.What to do?

    Thanks Guys

    I guess I did get a bit paranoid.

    (And no, DumDum, I didn't know about a reprieve. You've eased my mind)

    It's all this talk on PF1 about backing everything up on disks & download marathons on dialup for patches etc which has made me only too aware that I got no OS disk with my computer - so if I stuff my system up (which is always possible) I'd hate to find out when it was too late that there were precautions I should've taken.

    And just think - if it wasn't for PF1, I wouldn't even know that there ARE precautions which can be taken. Seems as though I've now got a bit longer to learn them....

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    Default Re: Win98Se dies this month.What to do?

    if your HDD is big enough split it into 2 parts using partition magic then do a image of your C: drive asap this will ensure recovery is a easy 15 min operation
    I personally use Drive Image on my 98SE PC ,welcome to email me if you need further advice

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    Default Re: Win98Se dies this month.What to do?

    no os disk ouch
    search yoour hard drive for a directory called win98 that may have your setup files there, if found burn all those to cdr
    or search for *.cabs i think youll find them in C:\windows\options\cabs
    again burn them to cdr if found
    if everything goes sour on you then at least you will be able to reinstall
    but you will still need a cd key to enable a reinstall

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    Default Re: Win98Se dies this month.What to do?

    opps forgot
    also go to device manager and write down device model, manufacturer and anything else you think is important, in case you need to get devices drivers off the net if reinstall becomes nessary

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    Default Re: Win98Se dies this month.What to do?

    on - Microsoft Corp. on Monday capitulated to customer pressure and announced that it would now continue extended support for Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition and for Windows Millennium Edition (ME) until June 30, 2006.

    Microsoft recently said that support for Windows 98 and 98 SE would be phased out this Friday—January 16, while support for Windows Me was due to stop on December 31, 2004.

    But on Monday a company spokesman told eWEEK that the decision to extend support for the products was "part of Microsoft's ongoing effort to respond to customers' needs around the world." During this time, Microsoft will continue to offer paid phone support and will continue to review any critical security issues and take appropriate steps.

    "Microsoft made this decision to accommodate customers worldwide who are still dependent upon these operating systems and to provide Microsoft more time to communicate its product lifecycle support guidelines in a handful of markets—particularly smaller and emerging markets," he said.

    According to officials, Microsoft also wanted to bring Windows 98 SE into compliance with the company's current lifecycle policy for new products, which provides for support for seven years instead of the original four.

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