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    Leaving my other large amount of problems aside, i decided to use memtest86 (thanks to a suggestion from you guys ), but when i ran the disk, it said "loading", and then a bunch of hexidecimal numbers ran down the screen, and kept running, and kept running...

    Well, i left it on overnight, its beenn running for a good 11 hours now (much to the detrement of my sleep).

    Is this normal? How long does it last? If not, how do i fix it? Sigh, i'm plagued by so many computing problems...... (mainly two, of which nothing can fix)

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    No its not normal. There should be very little output if everything is ok.

    Try checking the floppy for bad sectors and/or write another copy.

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    Graham L

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    Perhaps it's testing the memory, and reporting the errors.

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    Big John

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    Everything should stay at the top unless you have memory errors and then these start scrolling down the page.
    The test will run forever until you it to stop and from what you describe you may as well because it sounds like you have heaps of bad memory.

    Or maybe it is memory incompatible with your motherboard.
    I had to go through 3 different brands to find 2 sticks to get mine to work. And it is the cheaper memory that now works with the more relaxed timings rather than the expensive stuff with the higher timings.

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    well, i admit, faulty floppy. I once had a few hundred good ones, now to even find one is a problem... especially if you want one that works...

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