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    Default What do you do when your cache is bung?

    My internal/cpu cache is killed I think. The computer can only install windows if I disable it. If I don't, I get thousands of error messages and crashes (only in windows or windows setup). But I can't disable it, (well, I can but...) because it runs super super slow without it. Windows took over 3 hours to install, several mins per %, only way you could tell it wasn't frozen was an occasional flicker from the HDD light or CD (I have tried installing from both). I checked my memory (128M) and it was fine. However, on the memtest it did say L2 cache unknown. My CD drive etc are fine, and I wasn't running any extra hardware. Now my question is:

    CAN I FIX OR REPLACE THE INTERNAL CACHE? I tried sticking in another cpu but no difference.

    * digital pc 3000 (socket7)
    * 128M memory (2x64) (good)
    * 1.5G hdd (good)
    * 48x CD (good)
    * atx psu (good)

    CPUs I can use:
    * P233MMX (tried)
    * P166MMX (tried)
    * P166MMX (identical, not tried)
    * P133 (not tried)

    Any help?

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    Billy T

    Default Re: What do you do when your cache is bung?

    Isn't L2 cache on the motherboard? That you can use the computer successfully with cache renabled after reinstalling the OS does make it sound like the problem lies elsewhere. Maybe it is a MB fault.

    I thought that only L1 cache was on the CPU die, and the fact that you have changed CPUs without any change in your problem rather exonerates you CPU from any blame.

    Maybe somebody else with more knowledge in this area that I have might be able to point you in the right direction.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: What do you do when your cache is bung?

    The "internal cache" is the L1 cache. Even with it disabled it should only really cause ~50% loss of performance so it shouldn't crawl.

    Have you checked you are using the correct bus speed & cpu multiplier settings?

    Try reseting your bios settings to the non-optimised defaults, it may be caused by over aggressive memory settings.

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    Default Re: What do you do when your cache is bung?

    The CPU is 166MMX, running at 166MMX. It says so every time I start. The dip-switch is set right, 66Mhz * 5/2. No overheating probs, good fan, another good fan (case) and cool airflow. I'll try non-optimised, safe defaults now.

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    Default Re: What do you do when your cache is bung?

    On the older boards the L2 cache was on board the motherboard and was replaceable, it was with the later cpu's, the P2 and above I think that the L1 and L2 cache were both placed on die.

    If your cache is on the motherboard then you can probably replace, although I wouldn't bother as it would probably cost three times more than buying a new motherboard and cpu (static ram is very expensive).

    The other option you could do is find a dead or dying motherboard the same as yours and cannibilise the cache off that board to replace on yours. I think however you would be better off getting a new motherboard and CPU. You can get and mother board and cpu for as little as $150-$300 plus the cost of some memory which isn't that much these days.

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    Default Re: What do you do when your cache is bung?

    it didn't work ;(

    it did exactly the same (currently it freezes at 'cannot load USER.EXE'). it freezes at various different places with various different (working) cpus and just random.

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    Default Re: What do you do when your cache is bung?

    $150 dollars!!!!!

    I bought the whole PC for $19!!!

    Oh well, still not a bad deal, PSU alone sells for $40...

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