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    Default Cant access Bios on a "compaq desk pro"...

    As you can gather from the heading... my problem is entering the Bios ever since i rest the "cmos"... moved the jumper over to the reset possy powered up then powered down and mover the jumper back accross... now at the "post" stage... the "compaq splash screen" it only give me an option to press F12 for network service boot... where as prior it gave me an option to press F10 for the Bios... have tryed F2 and Delete even tho i know its F10... Any ideas... as i had plans for this machine...
    At boot it tells me that the "Time and Date" are wrong and need resetting... but it gives me no other option other than to reboot...

    Just so you know.... I am doing my first Exam on Chapters 1 thru 4 of my A+ Certtifacation. The "Bios and Cmos" Chapter is number 5 but i dont want to get ahead of myself...

    not that i think it matters...

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    Default Re: Cant access Bios on a "compaq desk pro"...

    u need 2 goto & access a little program that you can find there called 'sp4711' .........well that's most likely the one you need but you may need to search usign your puter model for the correct one........the 'sp' stands for 'softpaq' this is a little prog that'll download and then you need to clik it'll want to write itself to floppy disk .......when you have done that boot using the floppy you've created and you 'll be able to access the setup screens

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Cant access Bios on a "compaq desk pro"...

    The model does matter. Compaq have made many models of DeskPro. The first I had was a 286. That had a programme which did the BIOS setup. (Or rather, it didn't: the disk had been formatted. :_| And you needed the setup to tell the BIOS it had a HD. ;-) I fixed that with DOS DEBUG to write the appropriate bytes.

    The more modern ones have a partition of type 12 which holds the setup and diagnostic programmes which you access through F10..

    The file you download will produce (probably) 3 floppies which you use to reinstall the maintenance partition.

    Yours will probably be a DP5233 ... but that's just a guess.

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    Default Re: Cant access Bios on a "compaq desk pro"...

    yeh well I've found sp4711 works on a few models butyou are right Graham to do a search for the correct softpaq............and yes it'll make 2-3 floppies

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    Default Re: Cant access Bios on a "compaq desk pro"...

    this is the most obvious thing

    try pressing f10 where it once said to

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