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    Default Jetstream

    Hi all,

    I have been considering getting Jetstream for my home business - or getting a second phone line for $29.95 per month.

    My concern is just how many MB I might actually end up transfering.

    I generally send and receive about 250 emails a week, mostly text without attachments. I also surf about an hour a day to news and real estate sites looking at images and the odd virtual tour.

    I am concerned about the true MB useage and having read Broadband men and some of the PF1 posts am more confused about the real level of data I may end up moving.

    I have Zone alarm installed and expect to have to re tune it abit if I go to Jetstream.

    Can some experienced Jetstreamers advise if the 600 or 1000mb limits are realistic?


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    Default Re: Jetstream

    Hi there Bestie, welcome to Pressf1,

    I can advise that when I got JetStream Starter for myself at home, I had no idea how much I was going to transfer, however in the first month I transferred some 29GB data (9 International).

    My plan with Ihug is 10GB International transfer, unlimited national, all on a 128kbps connection.

    If its for work use, and you're not going to have more than 3 PC's using it at once, I would advise you go with JetStream Starter. You can always upgrade to JetStream after a month should you find you're well under the 500MB Cap (Or 1GB Cap, dependant on your plan etc). It would be a nasty shock though to be the other way round and find you've gone way over your 500MB Limit and have to fork out Mega $$ to Telecom/Your ISP!

    I'd also advise you to stay away from JetStream Home for the time being too, although if you're after the speed, after a month it may be an option....

    Admittedly Ive downloaded about 5 ISO's last month, amongst other things, but I transferred 8 1/2 Gigs international, 2 national.

    Play it safe and go JetStream Starter for a month, patch all your PC's, update everything thats humanly possible, then if you are under 500MB, think about going up to JetStream Home or JetStream.

    Hope this helps


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    Default Re: Jetstream

    I run Jetstream Starter for a home based business (it's not available for a commercial product thats not home based)

    I have a lot of e-mail and web use, but don't download whole CD's of linux etc as Chilling does. Attachments on email are usually several MB in size, several per day.
    Speed for my purpose is fine.

    I run about 1 MB per month at the most.

    Make sure you get an external ethernet connected NAT capable ADSL router as that lets you "hide" behind it, and acts as a hardware firewall.

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    Default Re: Jetstream

    I suspect you were referring to 1GB per month.

    Does anybody know how large the "virtual tour" files are? They could contribute significantly to bandwidth usage if they are large.

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    Default Re: Jetstream

    Hi Bestie,

    I got jetstream 500 full speed put on a month ago and my surfing sounds like yours, but not so many e-mails... about an hour a day normal sort of sites like herald, PF1 etc.

    In the first 2 weeks my usage was way higher than i thought it would be as I had been keeping an eye on my dial-up use previously and thought I had a pretty good idea what I would use.

    Things to keep in mind are-

    Jetream is much faster ie: the whole page loads in seconds so you get all the images and ads loading before you can stop them.

    Even if you have a pop-up or ad blocker installed it will not cut down your mb usage because the ads, even though blocked, are still being downloaded to your computer through xtra.

    Your usage is for upload and download, upload is generally not a great amount of mb but it ads up, even when checking for e-mails.

    It is very hard to keep track of your mb usage on jetstream. Unlike dial-up where you can check the amount of mb used in 'real time', your jetstream connection does not show the current usage. It appears that the only way you can check is by logging on to jetstream's usage page, which I believe is only updated every 2 hours. As far as know there is no program that you can download that will show your jetstream usage while it's happening (I could be wrong but haven't found one that does it yet)

    If you start out on a low mb plan it may be a good idea to keep your dial-up connection for a month or so because if you go over your limit on jetstream it can be costly. For instance if you have 500mb and go over that it's 20c a mb, so if you used an extra 500mb a month (equal to a 1000mb account) it would cost you an extra $100 in excess mbs, whereas the difference in price for a 500mb plan and 100mb plan is only about $20 instead of $100. If you still have dial-up and find you're using too much on jetsream before the end of the month at least you can switch back to dial-up for a while.

    Also note that with jetstream if you want to change to a higher mb plan you have to do it at least 3 days before the end of the billing month.

    I've also heard that chat programs use a huge amount of mb because the pages continually refresh, sending info back and forward all the time. this may not be an issue for you though.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: Jetstream

    yes i would say the same as the rest "Jetstream starter" and see what your usage is like, and make sure all your computers are upgraded with virus scanners to because at work we had a virus come in on jetstream500 and cooked up a wopping $4000 internet bill, one can never be too careful.

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    You would have to do alot of downloading to actually use up a 5 gig limit, if you are just browsing and sending emails then I would recommend the Orcon 5gig plan at only $19.95 (plus the telecom fee). Or you could go for their 15gig plan which is $39.95 (plus telecom fee) (No I don't work for Orcon :-) ) Also depends if you are sending large attacthments with your emails as well though as they add up

    I switched to orcon after being with Xtra and then Ihug both with dial up and adsl, I have found Orcon to be definately the best (In my own opinion) of all three. The same 5gig plan for Xtra is $34.95 which in my opinion is a major ripoff, Ihugs price is the same but they give you a 10 gig limit which is slightly better than Xtra's.

    As someone else above said, make sure you get a good firewall and virus scanner, Zone alarm is good for a firewall and there are plenty of good free virus scanners to choose from as well, although I don't know much about them as I bought and paid for Nortons, maybe someone else can tell you which is the better free scanner.

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    Default Re: Jetstream

    Forgot to mention as yours is a business you are not able to get Jetstart, However because it is a Home Business then you can probably get around it so the options I mentioned above would be open to you. You could try the Jetstart option (If you are able to) and try for a months and see what your data traffic gets to, if you find you are sendig too much then you can change plans easily enough.

    Your main obsticle is being able to use the Jetstart option as Jetstream for business can get very expensive.

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    Greg S

    Default Re: Jetstream

    From what you describe I'd say that you'll be very comfortable with a 1000MB limit. Before I started doing a lot of online gaming I seldom went even near that limit, and although I don't download masses of files I use the Internet a LOT.

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    Default Re: Jetstream

    I have full speed jetstream in a business paying $61 + gst /mnth for 600mb plus $18 xtra charge / mnth. An externel modem/router is a must with built in firewall. Also have software firewall and antivirus on PC's and complete auto update. Don't get close to 600mb with email and a little websurfing. The plan you want depends on who is using it and for what purpose. If it is only you then you will know how much it is being used but whatever option you use "monitor monitor monitor" your usage via the xtra website. A virus, trojan, worm, computer failure can cost if you don't have the correct procedures in place

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