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    Default Partition Magic 8 - Cannot copy a partition

    Hi guys, I hope the new year has been kind to one and all thus far...

    Okay here's my question or problem at least....

    I have Partition Magic 8installed on my PC, What I want to do is make a copy of my partition with all my usual programs installed, this way if anything goes wrong i can simply switch hard drives and carry on without having to re-install and re-format etc.

    Problem is when I try to copy the partition----> the "copy" option is not available in the menu.... that is to say its greyed out and clickingon it obviously doesn't do a dam thing....

    Any ideas as to what the problem is? Any help would be appreciated thanks


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    Default Re: Partition Magic 8 - Cannot copy a partition

    Is the other drive partitioned already? I have a feeling that to use the "copy" command in PM it needs to be to a drive with enough unpartitioned space to copy the partition to. With Partition Magic, you're not just copying the contents of the partition, you're copying the partition itself.


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