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    Default How tough is Win XP Pro Admin Password?

    My friend just had her laptop stolen :-( It has Win Xp Pro on it, and she had set her password as the administrator. How difficult is it for the ##@%^$**#!s who stole it to access her files?

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    Default Re: How tough is Win XP Pro Admin Password?

    It depends on how good a password your friend used. Have a look at this page for info.

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    Default Re: How tough is Win XP Pro Admin Password?

    Uh......Laptops are generally formatted and onsold as quickly as possible.Usually they are moved onto the next owner within 2 to 24 hours.

    That is if it was taken by someone who "specialises" in laptop theft.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: How tough is Win XP Pro Admin Password?

    It's probably not too difficult to read the files ... who needs an XP password when you can use another OS to look at the disk? ;-)

    Unless she is known to the thief as someone likely to have files which have a "value", they're unlikely to bother.

    The best hope would be if the BIOS password is enabled and the boot sector write-locked. That would make it difficult to reformat and install another OS. Some manufacturer's service organisations (who can reset the BIOS password) require proof of ownership. So it might be found.

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