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    Default Canon MV630i

    Does anyone know if this camera is mini-dv format? It doesn't mention it on the Canon website (unless I've missed it).

    I've heard that mini dv is the way to go, 8mm tapes are a thing of the past.

    If it is - kewl, im buying it!

    Also, does anyone have any comments on this model? I did consider buying a Sony, but this model seems to have more features like 20x optical zoom, compared to the Sony 10x optical zoom which is more expensive.


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    Graham L

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    "canon mv630i" to google found some reviews. The very first link answers your questions. B-)

    It is mini DV. But as far as I can see, it doesn't record movies. There's a lot to be said for having an 8mm tape drive in the box, to record movies. ;-)

    The removable memory just saves stills. For video, you use the IEEE1394 cable to the computer.

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    it must record movies, because why would it be called a digital VIDEO camera...?

    I am getting firewire for whichever camera i buy, because USB is too slow or something.

    Also gonna get a DVD writer sometime...

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    Graham L

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    All right, I thought so too. But the specifications say it can be a webcam, and things like: "Memory Card: MMC : YES, SD :YES, Movies REC : NO".
    They don't say how long you can record for.

    You got me curious. A link on the seventh page of google output gives the recording time as 60 min using MPEG2 compression. ;-)

    Perhaps they take it for granted that we will take it for granted.

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