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    Default Merry Christmas everyone! (thread #475443344)

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Finally, the day is here! And I got a damn good lineup of pressies too.
    -Simcity 4
    -Midtown Madness 3
    -A REALLY BIG linux book.
    -An EVEN BIGGER Java book.
    -a couple of novels
    -board game
    -another xbox controller

    Just what I wanted! How did the fat guy know?!

    So, what did everyone here get for Christmas?

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    My employer gave me a DVD player for Xmas. I told her if I am late for work it will because I am up all night watching movies lol ;-)

    I am about to go over to visit my kids - laden down with goodies for them and to enjoy a loverly Xmas dinner.

    Have a good one everybody (especially Pollly in the Netherlands xxxx)


    PS: Santa also brought a new cog for the Haggis machine!

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    Default Re: Merry Christmas everyone! (thread #475443344)

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