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    Default XP Registry recovery at startup.

    Everytime I start XP I get a message "a file containing the registry failed and required to be replaced by an earlier file or log".

    I suspect it is caused by a third party piece of software but naturally I do not want to unload everything just to try and find the problem.

    I cannot work out what has caused this an how I can resolve it.

    Would a log of the startup show anything?

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: XP Registry recovery at startup.

    Can you boot up in safe mode and load up an earlier restore point? Assuming you have the restore function on that is.

    It would seem that you registry is corrupt, and if it is still failing to boot up after trying the backup then that too is propbably corrupt. You could try as I said to load up a restore point, pick one at least 2 weeks prior to when the problems started occuring.

    Also you could try putting the XP cd in and booting off that to try and repair the problem.

    Others will probably be able to make some more suggestions.

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    Default Re: XP Registry recovery at startup.

    Like odin says, use the system restore feature. Just go to one before the problem started. System restore points have fixed several of my problems in the past.

    Good luck.

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