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    Default buying over the internet !

    i went to this site (its a skateboarding site) and they adverstised for this skateboarding dvd or vhs video . i wanted to buy that but i was wondering if its actually safe to buy things over the internet ?? is it more expensive

    please gimme the disadvantages and advantages of buying things over the intenet

    sry fer the many questions but any help would do !

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    Default Re: buying over the internet !

    Buying things over the internet is always a little risky but you can reduce the risk by ensuring that the site you are interested in purchasing from quite clearly displays the details of the company you are dealing with and its policies on sales. I would be very wary of purchasing from the site that you are interested in as it has not clearly listed its physical location (address) and there are no details about purchasing from them without actually placing an order and even then one cannot easily find their policy if it is there at all. This does not make it a dodgy site but you should be very wary of such sites. Another point to watch for is that a site should have secure transactions whereby you should see a little padlock at the bottom of your browser to indicate this.

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    Default Re: buying over the internet !

    >>is it more expensive

    You should look at what you will pay, including freight, and compare to what it would cost you elsewhere. There are no rules as to whether it will be more or less expensive, you have to look at each option and compare.

    Be wary too, when buying from overseas, that the format (in the case of VHS tapes or zoned DVD's) or the power rating for electrical items (110/240v) will work over here.

    You don't have protection under the Consumer Guarantees Act for items purchased overseas either, so as mentioned earlier, ensure you are dealing with a reputable company.


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    Default Re: buying over the internet !

    Also when using a credit card on the net your credit card has an extra 3 digits on the back and if the site asks for them it adds a little bit more security. The only place you will see those 3 digits is on the back of the card so it assures them that you actually have the card unless someone has copied it when you left it lying around.

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    Often you can find lots of goods much cheaper than what you can get them for here in NZ. But also remember that for some types of goods, you have to pay NZ Customs duty when they arrive here, which will be at least $50 (if the duty equates to less than $50NZD Customs usually doesn't bother about it). Check out their website & it tells you what the duty is on differnt types of oh and you also gotta pay the 'ol GST on the goods as well; cheers Helen.

    also, if something happens and the goods become faulty, you will usually have to pay the postage back to the country that you bought it from which can end up stinging you a fair bit.

    just some thoughts.

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