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    Could someone let me know how plug ins work please.I visited a site recently and it said I needed the plug in to view pics.I downloaded the plug in offered,yet nothing changed.I could definitely do with a bit of educating on this matter please.
    Cheers DD.

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    Susan B

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    Hiya :-)

    What plugin did you download? Have a look through and follow the instructions on this page. If you get stuck just ask for more help.

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    Jen C

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    To see what plugins you have already installed, open up Mozilla Firebird and in the address bar where the web site URL goes, type in about: plugin. Note: remove the space I had to add after the : to stop this happening --> aboutluggin which doesn't quite convey what I was trying to type

    This will show what plugins are already installed and what versions they are.

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    Thanks for that info ladies it is most appreciated.Sorry I took so long to reply back,the reason being obvious.I`ll do the leg work on it tomorrow and let you know how I got on.

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    I am curious about this topic too, so how do I find out what I have in my puter. 98SE and IE 5.5. TIA

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    Supergran, if you're using Internet Explorer you can find out what plugins you've got installed by looking in Tools, Options, General, Settings, View Objects. The items listed in there are the plugins. ;-)

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    Thanks, I just checked, and have seen those programs before, but didn't realise they were plugins. I just had to download a plug in for Nero, but that isnt' in there, so they obviously dont all go to the same place, or I shifted where it went to. But as it works, I am not worried about where I put it. LOL

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    um.....why on earth would you think a plug in for nero would install itself into IE?

    Common sence says its in the nero plug-in folder.

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    Metla, I didnt' have the foggiest what a plug in even did, which is why I asked the previous question, so how the heck would I know where it is supposed to go, when I dont' even know what it does!!!!!!!!!!1

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