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    I currently have 1 bootable NTFS HDD in my computer, which I want to swap to a slave after I get a new HDD.

    Will I be able to swap it to slave and boot from the new HDD, yet access the data from the slave without doing anything? I know I've talked to people before who have had 'issues' when moving the positions of NTFS drives.


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    As long as you set the jumper to Slave position it should be fine. NTFS has nothing to do with it.

    It would be wise to leave it disconnected when first booting (via the OS CD) on the new HDD to prevent it being detected as a bootable drive, even when set as a slave. That will ensure it boots from the CD, and will allow you to install the OS on the new drive.

    I have 2 HDD in removeable caddies, both NTFS, and have no "issues" when removing/installing one or the other.

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