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    Default Voltage inside computer

    I've just been using AIDA32, and I've realised that the "5v" inside my computer is actually running at approx 4.25v. Is this likely to cause damage to devices such as hard drives etc.?

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    Default Re: Voltage inside computer

    How are you measuring it?

    Aida will just be reporting what the cheap A/D conversion chips report I suspect. They are *very approximate*, like the temperature.

    Use a quality multimeter. The answer will be quite different (I have seen 0.5 volt difference as an example)

    Before it could "do damage" the PC would shut down/freeze etc. Of course this may be the damage you refer to? How oftem is this causing a problem (or is the only problem that you now think the voltage is low?)

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    Default Re: Voltage inside computer

    Thanks Godfather. I was just using AIDA to see what it said (was actually checking temperature at the time, but the voltage stuck out). I'm just a bit scared to use my multimeter on it while it's still switched on, but hopefully it won't do any damage.

    I'll have a go with my multimeter, however it's one of those cheap Warehouse ones so I don't know how accurate it will be.

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    Peter H

    Default Re: Voltage inside computer

    If it works OK leave it alone -a cheap meter would not be very accurate, and a slip of the probe fatal.

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    Default Re: Voltage inside computer

    Even a cheap meter will be more accurate than a motherboard sensor I suspect. But I agree, leave it alone, or keep fixing it until it breaks.

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    Default Re: Voltage inside computer

    Fair enough. I'll wait till there's a problem before I go about testing it.

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    Default Re: Voltage inside computer

    Getting readings from software may not be accurate with some PSU/Motherboards. Try viewing it from the BIOS instead.

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