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    Default Detected a virus


    AVG 6.0 Free Edition just detected a virus in the Shared Folder of Kazaa Lite. It has removed the virus and the Test Results it says Healed OK.
    But Iv'e heard that this program just quarantines the virus?? does that mean it's still somewhere on my computer, just in a different destination???
    Why doesn't it destroy the virus?, how can I completely remove it then??
    btw virus defined as Worm/Sddrop, anyone else had this one before?


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    Default Re: Detected a virus

    It will only quarantines the virus if it can't clean it. By putting it into quarantine, it neutralizes it anyway.

    Haven't had that one, but with Kazaa, expect more uninvited guests.
    May be wise to utilise an anti-trojan program as well. The only AV that is realatively strong in trojans is Kaspersky. But more a more specialised program would be advisable.
    An anti-trojan scanner can be obtained from here

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    Default Re: Detected a virus

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    Default Re: Detected a virus


    if avg has quarintined the virus, it will be in the vault. you can remove it from there, if you wish. open avg, click program, and vault.



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    Default Re: Detected a virus

    I got a virus as well from kazza be very careful to scan all small downloads there are heaps out there it infected my c: drive and corrupted about 90 files luckily i keep a image of all my good restore points so just used Drive Image 2002 to restore all my C: took about 10 mins am still on 98SE too .

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    Default Re: Detected a virus


    I keep getting this message that a worm is located in C:\System Volume Information. I can't open this folder, and it says there is nothing in it. AVG, an online Symantec scan, and that little A squared trojan scan program all didn't pick up anything.
    Does anyone have any tips?, I'm starting to worry a little bit now.


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