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    I am a fan of but my wife complains that it doesn't have a "format painter" tool, which she claims is one of the tools in Word that she most uses. Are we missing something here? Thanks for all assistance. Regards, Keith Booth.

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    Well why not use what you want and let your Wife use what she wants.

    The applications can co-exist on one computer and you both get what you want.

    Win-win situation there as I see it.

    When you say "she claims" are you maybe suggesting she doesn't, in fact, use the format painter?

    Yes you are in fact missing something. Let your Wife use what she wants. I do and it makes for a happy life. :-)

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    Babe Ruth

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    Not exactly ala MS Word Format Paint but there is a feature called "Fill Format" and it is located in the "Format Stylist". To find it, from the pull down menus, select: Format -> Stylist (or F11). In the dialog that appears, the "Fill Format" icon is the third from the right. The button is a toggle - so click once to turn the feature on, and click again to turn it off. Once it is on, select the style from the list that you want to fill with, then click into the text area that you want to change

    NOTE; It however relies on a pre-existing Style, and can't pick up ad-hoc formatting. HOWEVER, you can click in the paragraph or word that you want other text to emulate. Right click and have an option to create new style from that text. Then, in the naming box, give it a simple name like "xstyle" and now, when you want other text to work that way, highlight it and double click "xstyle".

    Cheers, Babe.

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    ... although I find it doesn't seem to like formatting back to "Default".

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    Dolby Digital

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    Except one of the reasons for using is to save on the Micro$oft licence fees. Of course if you already own Office then you aren't saving anything... until its time to upgrade Office.

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    Agreed that the reason for using OpenOffice rather than MSOffice is to save on fees.

    I did presume the the original poster had MSOffice as his Wife was using format painter.

    Upgrades weren't mentioned.

    If the current version of OpenOffice or MSOffice is doing the job then why upgrade?

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    Coz... Its just cool ;-)

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