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    Default DLL hell

    Hi there all.
    Recently downloaded a cad program to trial and it has obviously change a dll. The error I get is this.
    >The procedure entry point RtlUnhandledExceptionFilter could not be located
    >in the dynamic link library ntddl.dll
    Having uninstalled the program I have tried reinstalling a couple of apps but to no avail. I don't think the problem is with ntdll.dll though.
    Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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    Graham L

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    You might need to restore the original version of the dll. It's a wonderful aid to reliable software to have the files called by the same name whatever "improvements" have been made.

    I sometimes don't enjoy typing things like but it is the price you pay for self-documenting systems. ;-)

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    DLL File: ntdll or ntdll.dll
    DLL Name: NT Layer DLL
    Description: Contains NT System Functions
    System DLL: Yes

    Download ntdll.dll from here.

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    Default Re: DLL hell

    That one is rather old don't you think?

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    Default Re: DLL hell

    Twas only a quick google search

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    Default Re: DLL hell

    As I said I don't think ntdll.dll is actualy to blame. I have learnt from before not to blame the first thing MS puts in the path.

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