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    When i use winamp to open music files.Audio,mp3 etc
    The volume goes straight up?Whats causing this.My friend also have this problem?
    You use winamp to open a music file the sound would automatically adjust really loud
    Im using windows 98se and so is she?Whats causing this?

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    what version of winamp is it?

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    Maybe you had the volume in Winamp up loud before hand. It's just remembering your previous settings?

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    This is probably irrelevant but if you have a wheel mouse and winamp is the active "window" the wheel raises and lowers the volume. Found this out by accident when using winamp and tried scrolling through a webpage. Puzzling for a bit. Page wouldn't scroll but volume would go up and down.

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    it's also the same in xmms (linux)
    infact xmms is almost the same as winamp!

    (mmmm, maybe they are made by the same people.... ;-) )

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    I use logitech track ball mouse.DOn't have a mouse wheel.
    Im using the latest version of winamp.version 3

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