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    Greg S

    Default Advanced TCP/IP settings

    I've got a standalone XP Pro system that connects to the Internet via a PSI adsl modem.

    Under Advanced TCP/IP settings for the connection, do I need to have "Use default gateway on remote network" checked?


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    Default Re: Advanced TCP/IP settings

    The best advice I could give you in this situation is trial and error, although another one is if it's working don't touch it. So just brave it out, if it crashes your computer and leaves you in a muddle, make sure you know how to get to safe mode, or how to cover yourself from such incidence.

    I would read the manual whether that'd give you any clues towards it, but a gateway on a remote computer seems like it's in a LAN/WAN situation where you connect to a proxy and use it's gateway.

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    Billy T

    Default Re: Advanced TCP/IP settings

    Default gateway, and set that to the IP address of your ADSL modem.

    I assume that PSI should read PCI, and since that is an internal modem I cannot be 100% sure that it has an IP address, but logic says it must. It is probably something like which seems to be a common choice.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: Advanced TCP/IP settings

    If your using an internal adsl modem then you should have no need to do anything to the TCP/IP advanced settings. Just set it up like a normal dial up connection. Follow the instruction for your adsl modem to set it up as it needs to be.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Advanced TCP/IP settings

    Does it connect to the Internet? If it does, it's right the way it is.

    TCP/IP isn't ever "nearly' right. If it's right it works. If it's wrong, it's horrid.

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