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    Iam using this chat clinet where my ip gets scanned. and it goes welcome (nickname) (Ip Address) in the main window.
    is there anyway to hide my ip. I have firewal such as zonealarm installed.
    help me.

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    only way would be to use a chat program that only works through a trusted server (no direct connection) or use an anomouzing proxy server, eg you connection is routed and hidden through someone else.

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    Graham L

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    The problem is that the chat system has to know an IP address for you. That's how it sends stuff to you.

    I saw in a recent book that some of the anonymizers are actually run by the US Government. :O So the CIA, FBI, and NSA will know all abiout the users anyway. So look out for your SIS Security Certificate saying you're a terrorist because you use an anonymizer. B-)

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