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    Default Off Topic - Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason?

    I had a run in with the police a few nights ago, I was pulled over because I drove "lively" around a corner. I asked him why I was pulled over for driving lively around the corner and what lively meant to him. He told me I should know what lively means but I was not questioning my meaning of lively but his, lively to me means full of energy.

    So we go through the whole routine, handing over my drivers license, him checking the vehicle out, asking his, I guess normal processing questions, had I been drinking, who does the car belong too... etc, but I'm still wondering what he meant by lively. I know I wasn't speeding around the corner.

    So he goes and checks my car, then radios back about the plates, then comes back and tells me that the plates do not belong to this car, it belongs on a different model. He then asks me to open the bonnet so he could look under the hood. So I'm thinking, why does he have to lie, as I know the plates belong to this car, the only difference is that I had the car repainted a different colour, so after checking under the bonnet and wasting my time, he comes back and asks me whether I had the car painted, and I said yes. Then he tells me the plates are registered to my model of a car but a blue car, well duh! (so where did he get a different model from?).

    And so it goes on... he lied about the car model, I knew of the colour change, because I had the car painted a different colour and the outcome of it all, I didn't receive no fine, had half an hour wasted when I was driving to pick up my mum to drop her off at the airport (lucky for me I leave with time to spare) and a message from the police to drive less lively around corners.

    Which kind of hits the nerve because I don't tell the police how to do their job, and if driving lively around a corner is a valid reason to pull someone over, even though I wasn't speeding, and kept to my side of the road. I'm wondering if police are abusing their power, and I hear that they have to do a certain amount of tickets a day etc, which I believe is a challenge that is created so police are definitely going to abuse their power just to make sure they write the required amounts.

    So after the police leave, they flashed their lights again and pulled a car over who had just drove past. So I'm thinking they are abusing their power.

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    Default Re: Off Topic - Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason?

    I guess if you can get penalised in rugby for lazy running then you can get pulled over by the police for lively driving. Sounds logical to me.

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    Default Re: Off Topic - Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason?

    Nice posting. You could of course address a similarly worded letter to the local district police administrator - used to be called the District Commander - and ask him to define the term. Lively could be linked somehow to the proposed scratch and win safety thing. Perhaps it has been slipped in to the road code.

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    Default Re: Off Topic - Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason?

    "Lively" driving would be a godsend here in Tauranga

    Most of the driving here could be considered deatlhy ... except for those on their $10,000 mobility scooters who shoot out across the rooad without looking first!


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    Default Re: Off Topic - Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason?

    Speaking of Police abusing their power,Seems they have found Graham Walsh's body.......

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Off Topic - Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason?

    Serves you right for breathing. ;-)

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    Default Re: Off Topic - Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason?


    I agree with Scouse. You should send a similar courteous letter to the Police and ask for an explanation.

    My husband had an 'interesting' experience yesterday whilst driving to work. I was not with him so can only tell the story second-hand. He was pulled over by the police for driving over 70 km per hour in a 50 km per hour area. As my husband knew he was not going over the speed limit (he was going down hill keeping an eye on his speed being very conscious not to go over the limit because of getting a ticket a couple of weeks ago) he told the officer he was not going over the limit and asked for proof that he was. The officer said his car was seen by another patrol car to be going at the speed mentioned. My husband then questioned the officer further, and the officer phoned the other patrol car. The officer then reported back that the other patrol car said a woman was driving. So he had obviously stopped the wrong car. Surely he should have had a number plate to refer to before stopping someone. Anyway, my husband asked for an apology, and was rewarded by, "Show me your licence". He eventually received his apology but was not impressed.


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    Default Re: Off Topic - Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason?

    I would write a letter to the police and address it with them. Not sure what results you will get by doing that probably nothing.

    I had a funny run in with the police one night -

    I was stopped at the lights and just around the corner was a cop car sitting there doing nothing so i drove past him then his lights and all that jazz went off and i pulled over. He stopped behind me and came up to the window. Hi, how are you doing this evening sir he said i replied yes fine thanks what seems to be the problem?? he said you were going a bit fast around that corner (not sure if that was his exact words were but similar to what you got told Kame) anyway i was thinking how can i be going fast around that corner when im stopped at the lights just meters prior to the corner.

    So he asked me the usual stuff as you said Kame and then breath tested me. This is were it got real interesting i actually failed the breath test and on a restricted licence at the time (we all know the rules on this) i had not a drop of alcohol so i had to get out my car and do another breath test the one you blow into the bag (the original one was say you name etc into the handheld).

    The time when i got pulled over was 9.30 was on my way to my girlfriends place so on a restricted licence you are not allowed to drive past 10pm by the time he checked my car out breath tested me and told me to get out etc it was getting on 9.50pm i was getting rather annoyed with all this mucking around by this point and then he decided to ask what i have been up to tonight and where i am off to. I said im off to my girlfriends place blah blah blah then he goes on about im not allowed to drive after 10pm like i didn't know the rules etc.... i said yes i know what they are and what not to do when driving on the restricted can i go now please??? yes you can but next time drive with more care around corners he said

    All i can say is what a waste of time don't they have much to do these days??? as Kame said are they abusing their power

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    Chris Randal

    Default Re: Off Topic - Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason?

    I have thought for some considerable time that we seem to be living in a police state.......

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    Default Re: Off Topic - Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason?

    LOL not sure what the actual law is, but i know myself and friends have been pulled over many a time with random excuses such as, "Random Check Sir", or "Bit Fast round that round-a-bout mate", or even so far as to ask "Have you got a cert for those after market seats and stero you have in your car son?"

    I agree there is a bit of a problem on our roads with "hoons" but sometimes it seems they are just barking up the wrong tree when you cant even get a cop to dust your house or car if they are broken into.

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