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    Default Jetstream games and jetstart - how to login to access their full speed?

    I have Jetstart with another ISP (i.e not xtra) but I've been told that I can play at full speed if I login to jetstream games. I was told to use as the login and use telecom,or jetstream, or games for password.

    But where do I actually login to access the full speed?? I only play Counterstrike and even though I am able paste their server IP address into my CS game and then play, this is not what I am wanting to do because I'm not accessing their full speed.

    I need help here. A link to the login page or whatever would be very useful. I am a newb so any help from other gamers would be really appreciated. I don't know what I am doing. Thanks :-)

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    Default Re: Jetstream games and jetstart - how to login to access their full speed? goes where you isp username goes on your router or modem.

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    Default if you login as [email][/email]

    you will get full speed.
    try download some stuff from, you will notice the difference.

    however the gaming context may not give you a ping advantage over jetstart.

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    Default Re: if you login as [email][/email]

    Thanks for your posts guys - I was able to login ok and play on their servers (also Paradise) and I accessed their ftp site too. Wowie - a 387 Mb file took about 11 minutes to download - very nice :-)

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    Default Re: if you login as [email][/email]

    If you're wanting to play CounterStrike on the JetStreamGames servers, you might find yourself out of luck. They have been down for sometime.

    You can still access the Xtra CS Servers, but just be aware the the IP addresses listed on the Xtra Gaming site for their CS servers are not all correct.

    The Xtra gaming site lists that there are 7 servers (there are in fact 8).

    Servers 1 through 4 are for CS 1.5, and severs 5 through 8 are for CS 1.6.

    Also, the IP addresses for servers 5 through 8 are incorrect. Correct addresses as follows;
    Xtra CS Server 5:
    Xtra CS Server 6:
    Xtra CS Server 7:
    Xtra CS Server 8:

    I tried emailing the GamesMaster using the link on the site, but the email bounced...( I guess they have been too busy with their ad campaign to set up this email address yet....)

    I have used the @jetstreamgames domain for playing CS, and necer realy noticed a speed boost, but that may have been a problem a my end.....

    Best of luck.

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    Default Re: if you login as [email][/email]

    Now that Telecom have lost their monopoly on the "local loop", I suspect the Jetstream Games domain will disappear.

    There is likely no business case for offering such a free service when the retailing of the ADSL service is no longer a "Telecom only" function.

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