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    Default Laptop surge protectors?

    A friend has asked me to find a good laptup surge protector that will work all around the world.

    Apparently the joules rating i important, and any below 503 joules are not very good, considering the electrical supply in the countries he is traviling around. Kolkata I think.

    One of his friends had a really good one from Belkin ( with a model number of F5C195uTel, but it doesn't seem to be at belkin.

    Could you recommend a good Universal Travel Surge Protector, above 503 joules for his laptop, and where to buy it from?


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    Default Re: Laptop surge protectors?

    Check out this one.

    Must be a new model of the one you were looking for.
    Looks like you should be able to buy from DSE or Harvey Norman.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Laptop surge protectors?

    There are two main geographic electrical divisions: "The World" (as defined by some north americans), where the mains are 100-120Vac (60Hz), and the world (as defined by the majority of the world) which uses 220-240VAC (50Hz).

    Most surge suppressors work by "clamping" surges (what else?) which rise above the normal peak voltage of the supply. So they are designed to work on 110V supply or 230V supply.

    Guess what happens when you plug a 110V one into a 230V supply?

    And guess how much protection a 230V one gives you on a 110V system?

    The joule rating is important ... but no surge suppressor lasts forever, because each hit does some damage to the MOV elements. The sad thing is that it's not usually obvious when a protector is no longer capable of doing anything. A major event like a lightning strike will sometimes have a noticeable effect on the suppressor.

    So -- use the appropiate voltage unitt. And have spares... and replace one in use from time to time.

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    Default Re: Laptop surge protectors?

    Well, he is going to be based in india, tavelling to a lot of Asian countries, coming here to NZ, going to the US. Whatever, I wouldnt have a clue about valtages etc.

    He needs to plug his laptop into it, as well as the internet cord.

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