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    Erin Salmon

    Default SQL: Temporary Tables


    Can someone explain to me how to determine just how temporary a temporary table is.

    I am trying to use one for a shopping cart system, in which the user stores products in a temporary table. The temporary table would be deleted after they leave.

    I've run SQL in a query in mySQL to create a temporary table, and I can access the table for about a minute or two, after which it is gone. How can I extend this time to suit my application?



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    Graham L

    Default Re: SQL: Temporary Tables

    Temporary tables are associated with a connection ... and last only as long as the connection. Perhaps since http: is not a connection protocol, that is the problem. ;-) This note might give you some ideas.

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    Default Re: SQL: Temporary Tables

    I use MS SQL Server, which i'm assuming will be the same SQL:

    Use #(Table_Name) for a local temp table, which disappears when the code completes ie if the temp table is in a stored procedure or running a batch of code together.

    Use ##(Table_Name) for a temp table that you can call from a different connection to the server.

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