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Thread: XP senility

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    I'm having trouble with a person's machine running XP

    They've had a virus attack which was dealt with but now windows will not run any exe files, including rundll32.exe and regsvr32.exe

    All of these files are in their propper place and are uncorrupt and because the problem coveres all exe files, I cannot run any utils.

    I'm trying to avoid a complete reinstall (a repair install didn't change anything) any ideas?

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    Jim B

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    One possible cause is the Swen virus, down load and run the removal tool available here

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    Thanks. That looks what I'm after

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    Jim B

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    The removal tool and instructions from Norman Antivirus may be easier to use and follow.

    If your virus scanner already has removed infected files, leaving your system unable to run different executable file formats (*.bat ,*.com, *.exe, *.pif, *.scr), you should follow the procedure below to remove the worm.

    1. Download SwenFix.exe from this link to the root of your c:\ drive. Even though you will have problems running most programs, your Internet Explorer should start, thus enabling you to download the fix.
    2. Try to start a program, for example Start | Programs | Norman Virus Control | Utilities. (This will fail to start)
    3. A message box with the following properties will now pop up

    Write down the name of the file this dialog asks for. The name of the file is random, so the the illustration above is just an example.
    Do not click the OK button in this dialog before you have completed step 4 in this procedure.
    4. Rename SwenFix.exe to the name you wrote down in the step above:
    * Open My Computer, browse to the SwenFix program you downloaded in step 1, right-click it and select Rename.

    Be particularly observant whether the name is displayed with or without extension.
    SwenFix.exe (with extension)
    SwenFix (without extension)
    * Type the name of the file that you wrote down previously. If SwenFix is displayed without extension, type the name of the file without extension and vice versa.
    3. Now click OK in the box that appeared during Step 3. This will start Norman's fix which will help you complete the removal

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