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    Default Windows port of Fetchmail?

    Is there such a thing?

    This follows on from my last thread. I can't use Eudora as an email client because the installation process doesn't work, due to some error occuring when it is extracting files pre-setup - and this means the installer asks for Disk 1, etc...

    So I'm still going to try i.Scribe, but it only supports one mail account. And since I have three, I've got a problem there (unless I buy InScribe, but I see no point if there is a free alternative). Hence the reason why I would love a Windows port of Fetchmail, but I can't find one.


    I have a lot of work to go to get my mail retrieval system set up, if I'm going to need a port of Fetchmail... ideally I would like to use a secure link to retrieve my emails, but only one of the three accounts I use supports it, and if, for some reason, I wanted to securely transfer my email between the processes on my computer, it might get more complicated (due to the fact Avast scanning doesn't support a secure connection, to my dismay).

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    Default Re: Windows port of Fetchmail?

    i nust have nissed your eudora thread

    it may be your antivirus interfering with the extraction. extract it with winzip/winrar/etc then run setup. hope that helps.

    no idea with fetchmail sorry.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Windows port of Fetchmail?

    The source code is available, and the gcc compiler can produce outoput for Windows.

    I haven't tried installing Eudora, but here's a trick I have had to use to make various installations work (when they have been converted from floppy).

    Each floppy in such sets has a dummy file in it ... called, say, "DISK1", "DISK2". This is used by the installer to know that the right floppy is there, by just doing a directory. (It allows people to make a copy and use the copies to do the install, without having to make the proper labels on each disk).

    Sometimes, in the conversion to "all in one place" on a CD, or a download package, someone gets efficcient, and decides "These dummy files aren't needed". And deletes them. Someone else decides "That installer has worked well, so I won't change it". :_|

    Try making the appropriate dummy files ... you might have to experiment to get the name right. ;-)

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    Default Re: Windows port of Fetchmail?

    Thanks tweak'e, I disabled all on-access providers, and setup completed (although this time I got an error after the setup program closed... don't care about that yet though )

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    Default Re: Windows port of Fetchmail?

    Checking the download isn't corrupted it a good idea too.

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    Default Re: Windows port of Fetchmail?

    There is a port of fetchmail for windows as this is for MANY *nix utilities

    Cygwin is a POSIX compatibility layer for Windows, it allows many *nix apps to be compiled on Windows with little or no modification.

    Get the installer and you can selectively install only the bits that you want/need.

    Xwindows is even there, and is rootless (X Windows appear on your Windows desktop).

    This is a good way to get used to Linux before going the whole hog and removing M$ from your PC, or allows you to write useful scripts under windows.

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