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    effie C

    Default compressed space-XP

    Recently I was cleaning out some temp files in XP and found 655,000 odd available to be cleaned out, in compressed files- where did that come from- ie where did the availability come from.
    As I only have a 500Mhz CPU it took two hours to clean- and I regained 55 mb of h/d space-
    and even more intriguing a small window showed up making adjustments to how much space I wanted for compressed files- I dropped it back from 50, odd to about 10
    Where do I refind that window, as a friend also wants to be able to clean these out, and at least clean up- he has a much bigger h/d and 3 times faster CPU
    effie c

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    Default Re: compressed space-XP

    i just use windowwasher or washandgo it takes about 1 min to do a clean up

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    Default Re: compressed space-XP

    what kind of compressed files? did it show a zip or cab?

    it could be system restore.

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    Hoosier Daddy

    Default Re: compressed space-XP

    Have you told Windows to compress files to save disk space? (Select C:/Properties/General)

    If so, that's probably where your compressed junk is coming from.

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    effie C

    Default Re: compressed space-XP

    Hi HD ,
    No that square is clear of ticks-- the cleanup of temp etc normally does not show compressed files- just that was the wording in the square- which when getting ready for cleaning - showed such a huge pile of "compressed files" - and I certainly had not ordered that.
    The window that dropped down- rather like a dial up window- specifically said "how many files need be stored before removal"- and I brought down the tally to 10 mb from 50 odd- it gained me h/d space but now I cannot see where to go back into it- if nothing else but to be able to tell my mate where to look
    effie c

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