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    Default changing startup screen

    on my old computer running win 98 1st edition I managed to change the startup picture from the windows logo to a picture of the giant sandworms from dune. However I can't for the life of me remember how I did it (something to do with .sys files???) and is it possible to do a similar thing with winXP home?



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    Default Re: changing startup screen

    Hi, you used to change logo.sys (which is just a bitmap) but on searching Google it seems you have to change NTOSKRNL.EXE which is a critical system file and protected by Windows. There are a few programs that can do it but I havent seen a free one yet. Maybe someone else knows.

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    Default Re: changing startup screen

    Hello Ravage

    Changing the WinXP startup screen is quite dangerous,
    as has been said by a fellow forum user. This is due to
    the fact that you would indeed have to mess around with
    the NT Kernel (the OS Engine). So, to answer your question,
    yes, it is possible, but no, I would not recommend it.

    But I do have some news on that front - a company called
    Stardock (Makers of DesktopX and WindowBlinds) are in
    the process of making an easy way for chaging the startup
    screens in XP WITHOUT (yep, you heard correct) messing
    with the NT Kernel. Here is a link (or two):

    Hope they help

    Rev Species 116

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    Default Re: changing startup screen

    I suppose it would have been nice to change it
    but I suppose I can live with the windows logo a bit longer


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    Default Re: changing startup screen

    I changed mine to a Mac OS X bootscreen.

    Just went to got a boot screen, named it ntosboot.exe, chucked it in the system32 folder and changed the boot.ini file so it said

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="MAC OS X" /fastdetect /KERNEL=ntosboot.exe

    and that was it. no problems. yet. (touch wood).

    easy :-)

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    Default Re: changing startup screen

    Hello Hamster

    You are correct - you can do it that way. But
    that way opens you up to trojans and other
    nasties. You are infact messing with the
    Kernel of XP - a very very bad practice - one
    mistake and no more XP to boot.

    I still recommend to wait for the 'don't destroy
    your kernel' version from StarDock. From
    with was in my links - I think it will be a
    freeware version.

    Rev Species 116

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    The Student

    Default Re: changing startup screen


    You can use a small tool called bootxp. Which also you can download from here:

    You have a preview window, which allows you to view at the same time, as though your computer was actually loading up from the beginning... It also supports files from bmp, gif, jpg using (last time I remember) 16bit colors...

    Its been awhile since Ive used XP, and last time I changed my boot screen with this tool, it was done in a snap.

    Lastly, you do not have to manually edit the boot.ini file yourself. It creates a backup of the original, and (I think also creates its own)

    Touch Wood Twice...

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    Default Re: changing startup screen

    Hi The Student

    BootXP looks like a great program, thanks
    for the link. Unfortunately, I will not be using
    it due to the fact it does indeed mess around
    with your kernel. A good thing about this prog
    is the fact it messes with your own kernel, so
    you don't download other peoples kernels (so
    no chance of getting infected). But there is still
    the risk of making an error and ruining your XP.

    If your REALLY REALLY want to change your
    Startup screen, and you want to do it today,
    then this prog could be used, although, I'll be
    waiting for the StarDock 'Don't kill your Kernel'
    version .

    Rev Species 116

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    Neil McC

    Default Re: changing startup screen

    Also FreshUI has an option to change the screen picture,which I've not tried, in Startup/Boot Picture,which I assume is the one you mean.Not sure of the details on how it is done!
    Free download from here.

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    Default Re: changing startup screen

    Hi ravage 13
    Who said my memory was failing?

    Have just seen a site that suits your purpose and remembered someone wanting to change their screen.

    This is the easy way.

    Click here

    Sorry if its a bit late.

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