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    I have just installed win xp home with success and 2 weeks later i tried install sp1 from a disk, which I have done before on another computer with no problems. This time it wouldn’t do it, errors came up like files missing etc. So I d/l it from Microsoft, and many hours later, installed it ,After rebooting ,the comp got to the win xp logo and hangs for a few seconds then shuts down, and then reboots, it just keeps going on like this.
    When I try to do a fresh reinstall of xp it gets to the part “Setup Is starting Windows” and crashes,about 10 min into the reinstall.
    I have taken a hard drive with xp off another working comp and it wont load,just shuts down, with an error reading:”A problem has been detected and win has been shutdown tho protect your comp.Check for viruses,remove any newly installed hard drives”
    I can install win 98 on it and that’s works well, but when you try to install xp over the top of win98 you make progress till “Setup Is starting Windows” and then it crashes.
    I have formatted H/Ds and tried a new installation of xp but all with the same result.
    The comp is an Athlon 1.4 mhz ,it only has 128mb ram but that shouldn’t be a problem, as it it worked alright for a couple of weeks.
    It runs good as gold with win98

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    The HDD off another working Win XP computer will often give the results you saw, as it has all the (wrong) drivers loaded, and the PC gets upset trying to deal with the massive conflicts. Therefore eliminate that from the problem perhaps.

    Have you tried in safe mode (if you can get there)?
    That would eliminate driver issues.

    128 MB RAM should be OK (none used for "shared memory" video?)

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    godfather, in safe mode it just hangs too


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    I finally managed to get XP past “Setup Is starting Windows” and finish loading.The only change i made was i changed the boot order to, 1.hard drive 2.cdrom 3.floppy.When i booted, it started the loaded process where it failed the previous time. I dont whether that did it or not but its loaded.It also took 3 goes to get get SP 1 to load right.So i would think there is possibly some confict somewhere.

    Thanks for your interest


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