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    Default OT: Englands "16th Man"

    Even that England won lst night they might lose their points................

    World Cup organisers have launched an inquiry into England fielding a replacement without permission during Sunday's 35-22 win over Samoa in Melbourne.....

    A probe is set to be launched into why England had 16 men on the field late in its win over Samoa on Sunday night.

    England won the game at Melbourne’s Telstra Dome 35-22 with a couple of late tries, moving to the top of Pool C in the process, but in the final minutes replacement Dan Luger took to the pitch while Mike Tindall was also still on the field being treated.

    Tindall took no further part in the match, but Luger came on after being told by team management to ignore a tough judge’s order to wait until the next break in play, and laid a tackle on Maurie Fa'asavalu even though England already had 15 players on the field.

    Match audio reportedly picked up referee Jonathan Kaplan telling Luger to leave the field after he laid the tackle, and match commissioner Geoff Shaw is as a result expected to lodge an official complaint with organisers on Monday.

    If found guilty of a breach, England could be penalised some of the 14 points it has picked up from its three games so far, which could prove disastrous with Samoa and South Africa (both 10 points) just behind in the Pool.

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    Yes and pigs will fly. The IRB is full of English aristocrats and there is no way they will penalise their own.
    They prefer to penalise a country such as Scotland who they look down their noses at.
    England will win the World Cup, and the IRB will do nothing to jeopardise that!

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    I thought that was what the Scottish were for. Whenever they get a gun they aim for their own foot.

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