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    Default desktop upgrade?


    i have a former pc direct desktop large tower - pentium 2 - 233, 64 ram, 4 gig drive, premedia 2 3d card, separate burner, and cd drives, zip and floopy drives, 56k modem, usb 1, serial.

    how fesible is it both in price ( estimations) / and hardware compatilbity to up grade this machine to a average to fast todays generation machine...

    at least 20g HDD, at least 500 chip, and sound card natural speaking compatible?

    cheers jack.

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    Default Re: desktop upgrade?

    Realistically, you will probably not get much higher speed in a CPU, without a change in motherboard.
    Without the details of the motherboard that is conjecture however.
    Its just unlikely a budget PC would have a huge upward expansion path, in general.

    So, a new Motherboard, CPU, then the power supply will need upgrading, the RAM will not be compatable, ditto any graphics card, and modem then your operating system restore disk will not work, as it sees a new PC, so you require a new OS.....and so it goes on.

    The case might be useable, but cases with Power Supplies are quite cheap anyway.

    The monitor keyboard and mouse should work on an "upgraded" system.

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    Default Re: desktop upgrade?

    a mate has a very simaler pc. it uses a 440lx chipset with the early p2 223 with 66mhz fsb. they have a far to smaller case and psu to much use.

    basicly buy a whole new pc.

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    Default Re: desktop upgrade?

    And i can't see you having anyluck finding a new 500mhz cpu.......

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    Default Re: desktop upgrade?

    Unless you know someone in the industry who can grab the necessary parts for free there isn't much point spending money on a machine like that.
    I had a pet project to squeeze the total maximum out of a box like that and replaced everything except the motherboard -right down to the disk controller etc. It went very well.

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