I am running a Compaq 1230 Presario notebook, 233Mhz Cyrix, 96MegRAM and W98 SE. My harddrive is 3.1Gb (incidentally,
this is the third one that Compaq have installed for me in a machine that
is barely a year old. Makes you think doesn't it...?)

Its time for a clean install of W98, since the machine has slowed to a crawl
with all that junk software that I have tried etc.
You know the score!
I plan to reformat as well. Is it worthwhile partitioning my drive such to
accommodate the OS on it's own drive, say 'D',
and put my programs and data on 'C'...its only a small harddrive.
Will this have any advantage. W98SE , I think needs about 700Mb.
Grateful for any advice.