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    effie C

    Default Programs/lists of--

    Not sure what to head this one-
    I have copied and pasted a program from one hardrive to another- -
    The program is showing in "my Computer/windows/programs" etc--- but is not shown on the list of programs when "start
    etc is used.
    I can use the program , so it must be on the h/d but how do I get it listed as above
    effie c

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    Default Re: Programs/lists of--

    Generally speaking you should never "copy and paste " a program from one drive to another. Or from anywhere to anywhere

    Programs are "installed" from the original file/disk. During this "install" process, the registry is updated with the keys that the program needs for correct operation. Also the Start menu is updated with a shortcut to the program. Any critical .dll files (system files) are also written into the appropriate place.

    There are some programs that do not appear to require the registry however, and these will usually work after using "copy and paste".
    The trouble is, there is no easy way to tell if the program will or will not use the registry.
    You run the risk, and there is no way of telling what the effect will be, if any.

    Programs may appear to run OK, but may in fact do quite unexplained things. The system files are probably still in use, as long as it knows where to find them.

    You simply place a shortcut in the Documents and Settings - All Users - Application Data - Start Menu - Programs folder.

    Above location is for XP, can't recall if thats what you run?

    I am glad that these computers have stopped the aging process for you!
    You should not assume that I am much younger than you however ...

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    Susan B

    Default Re: Programs/lists of--

    Are you still using Win 98? This should work in any Windows version anyway......

    Find the program's .exe file that you use to run the program, right click it and choose Create Shortcut. Rename the new shortcut if you wish, then drag it onto your Start button. You should now have a shortcut on your Start Menu to leave where it is or drag wherever you wish to put it.

    Don't forget that you can tidy up your Start Menu by right clicking on it, choose Open or Explore and shift things around to your heart's content. :-)

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    effie C

    Default Re: Programs/lists of--

    Thank you Susan B- age? when you get as old as me you count backwards - cos the days nowadays DO NOT have as many hours in the day or days in the week as they used to have :-(--
    ----and I bet you have not got the white hair I have - as is provable by your style and knowledge- when my 12 year old grandaughter can run Sims City like a pro and I stuggle to even accept that at her age she is working it a degreed townplanner- and me- like a street sweepers apprentice just out of school.Life is so unfair!!! :-(
    Cracks aside - I am using XP on a 14 gb and w 98SE in a smaller 4 gbh/d

    I copied and pasted off that smaller drive - it appears to work and please God hope I have not interfered with the reg etc- then more white hair will appear :-)
    Thanks anyway
    effie c

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