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    Default Computer upgrade advice needed


    I have an AMD K6 II 500 MHz processor on a M5SAA motherboard. It has 64 MB RAM, 8.6 gig HDD, and on-board 8 MB video.

    I would like to upgrade the computer so that my existing games work better, and I have more space for games and software.

    I was considering the following upgrade: 256 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, 32 or 64 MB PCI video card (not sure if TNT2 or GeForce2 MX or whatever would be best - no AGP slot), and a CD writer. (will cost $500-600 all up)

    I would like some feedback please on whether any of these upgrades would not be worthwhile for the price involved. I am especially unsure about what HDD and video card my system will cope with.

    Cheers for your help. :-)

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    Default Re: Computer upgrade advice needed

    Lot of outlay and you will still end up with a dreadfully performing computer.

    My advice(for what its worth )

    Forget about the harddrive for the time being,and for 500 to 600 dollars you can get-

    A brand new motherboard
    an AMD xp2000+ cpu
    a gforce4mx or ati 9200
    256mb of ddr

    Then sell your old motherboard/ram/cpu in trademe using the profit to buy your nice new harddrive.

    A new case would probally be in order as well though.

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    Default Re: Computer upgrade advice needed

    Hi, Welcome to PressF1 :-)

    You know what, I'm going to agree with Metla, unless you want to cut it down to a very fine budget, or you're just keen to get your hands dirty with your hardware.

    To be honest, your processor should be fine though with a 32MB Graphics card, provided you dont plan on running UT2003 or newer, as they will need a newer processor.

    Take a look at for some good hardware deals :-)



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    Default Re: Computer upgrade advice needed

    Buy a new PC and sel lor give away the old one for $600 you can get a decent one off

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    Default Re: Computer upgrade advice needed

    AMD XP 1600+
    256MB DDR ram
    Gigabyte motherboard VIA chipset
    20G harddrive
    52X CDROM
    Geforce 2 MX400 64MB graphic card
    10/100M Lan
    onboard sound
    19" monitor
    XP pro installed can also provide some popular software
    buy now at $750

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    Default Re: Computer upgrade advice needed

    what the others seem to forget is you will need new case/power supply, keyboard, mayby even mouse.

    firstly what games are you playing? solitare dosn't need much grunt ;-)

    might be worth upgrading. the hardrive can be used later on in a new pc. ram upgrade will make a big improvement.

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    Rod ger

    Default Re: Computer upgrade advice needed

    Yes agreed, time to make the big step(over the technology gap that is).
    Getting a replacement box may be a good solution, if your monitor is OK.

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    Default Re: Computer upgrade advice needed

    A very good buy is below current bids in the $800 range
    "This computer was BRAND NEW in January 2003. The CPU and harddisk have just been replaced and are BRAND NEW.

    CPU: AMD Athlon XP2200+ with heat sink & fan (New + 3 year warranty)
    Motherboard: ASUS A7N266-VM nVidia nForce220D AGP slot
    Ram: 256MB DDR Ram
    Case: Auriga CS-2168E Mini Tower - 300 watt P4 ready ATX power Supply
    CD Writer: Asus RW4012A 40XCD-R 12XCD-RW 48XCD-ROM & Nero 5.5
    Harddisk: Seagate 40 GB 7200 RPM (New + 1 year warrantee)
    Modem: Pragmatic I56PSP/F30 PCTEL 56K Software modem V.90 v.92 Ready
    Floppy Drive: 1.44MB Sony
    Video: Integrated GeForce 2 graphics processor unit plus AGP 4X slot.
    Audio: Integrated Audio Processor Unit with built-in Dolby Digital (AC-3) Encoder
    Network: Integrated RealTek 8201L PHY
    Case Cooling Fan x 1
    Plus all internal cabling for the above"

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    Default Re: Computer upgrade advice needed


    Thanks heaps to those who have replied so far.

    I am fairly happy with the computer for most of what I do with it, so my choices are to keep it as it is for now, or do a few upgrades, trying to keep the cost to a mimimum. I am very reluctant to buy a second-hand computer - I don't feel I have the expertise to deal with any problems that may arise.

    I have repriced the options I was considering, and can get the cost down to about $450. A new system would be 2-3 times this price.

    The main concerns I had was that my system wouldn't cope with the upgrades, or that the upgrades wouldn't increase the performance enough to make it worth the cost.

    I mostly play quite old games (eg Civ II, Crimson Skies, Close combat), most are not very graphics intensive, but I was hoping a new video card might increase the performance, as some of them crash sometimes. Perhaps increasing the system RAM would make more difference?

    I would really appreciate some suggestions on what is worth upgrading, and what is not! In particular, are PCI graphics cards good enough to make much difference?

    Cheers. :-)

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    Default Re: Computer upgrade advice needed

    If u are spending about $450 why not spend about the same and get a new mobo, cpu, keep the old hdd, with onboard lan, onboard sound and graphics?? Add some ram.

    U can keep ur mouse, monitor, keyb, and perhaps the case and PSU if it is ATX style. U don't need to go 2ghz, u can get slower ones off and it would be sig better than having what u have now.

    With your plan of a new video card and some more ram, u can get away with $200 or less. No need $450.

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