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    Default OT - Do geeks do drugs???

    I saw the wasted documentary last night and wondered what really made people even try things like P. And it got me wondering about computer people, especially gamers, and whether they were the sort of people that took drugs or got their buzz from assaulting Monte Cassino in Battlefield 1942 or casting a new pottery vase in some MMORPG game like Shadowbane or Everquest. My theory is that gamers and geeks get their buzz from something other than a chemical high.

    Here's the question:
    Tell us how many geeks you know and how many do any sort of drugs to your knowledge.

    Me: About five close friends that are geeks (more if I counted hard). One experimented with LSD once in the sixties but half of them don't even drink.


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    Default Re: OT - Do geeks do drugs???

    Probably about 5 people (or less) that are certifiably 'geek'. Whether they want to be called geek is a different matter entirely..
    The worst thing I've done is panadol and even then I follow the instructions. .


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    Default Re: OT - Do geeks do drugs???

    I heard from a chemist, that P is made from panidol, and a cough mixture.
    Those items always got stolen from their store, and they figured people were making P with it.

    Wether it is true, I dont know

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    Default Re: OT - Do geeks do drugs???

    But i guess panadol is the first step, you better stop your cravings, before you get to far CyberChuck.

    Just dont get a headache, and a sore throat.

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    Default Re: OT - Do geeks do drugs???

    I guess drugs for some gamers especially game designers is a prerequisite. I'd be more keen to buy the game if on the cover says,"Made on drugs."

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    Default Re: OT - Do geeks do drugs???

    If you've ever tried typing anything seriously after a couple of rums you'd have the answer. :|

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    anonymous user

    Default Re: OT - Do geeks do drugs???

    I worked for about three weeks as a student in an all night internet cafe that had multiplayer tournaments running all night on fridays and saturdays. We used to get large numbers of customers coming in, playing their games and heading off to the toilets to take drugs. we knew for a fact that weed, ecstacy and coke where in common use.

    As to the number, there were at least ten regulars that I got to know in the three weeks i was there, and who knew how many who were covert enough not to get caught.

    This was about two years ago, and that cafe has now closed down, but others have opened, and are quite likely the same still.

    Whats more, is this is in a relatively small town - not auckland or wellington, where most of the drug doco's are based in...

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    Default Re: OT - Do geeks do drugs???

    Yip, why not?

    Gaming and taking drugs are totally different, each gives you a different sort of high, although I dont know how gaming can give you a high?

    I have a couple of geek-type friends who do drugs. They do drugs, have an awesome time at nite and then recover the following day by using the computer and doing their geek stuff. Personally, I think it would be a waste of drugs to take them and then play the computer, seems a bit pointless!

    Thats my thoughts


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    Default Re: OT - Do geeks do drugs???

    Nope, dont know any g33ks that do, they're all very non-geekish to be honest, more opposite end of the scale ;-)

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    Chris Randal

    Default Re: OT - Do geeks do drugs???

    Is Press F1 not addictive enuff?????

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