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    Default messanger / xp logins & passwords

    Windows xp and messenger automatically remember your login (e-mail Address). How do i delete these?. Can anyone help? tried via internet tools etc. Cheers Timan

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    Default Re: messanger / xp logins & passwords

    There may be easier ways, but here's a few.

    Go to Control Panel / User Accounts

    Click the name of the User / Admin

    Click manage my Network Passwords

    In the Stored User Names and Passwords box that comes up, select and remove unwanted ones.

    Go to Start / Help

    In the Search Field type delete stored user names

    Click the result under "Pick a Task"

    Follow the instructions on the right.

    ** What I did was Clicked "Add to Favorites" and now all I do is go to Help, click Favorites and it's there for next time.


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    Default Re: messanger / xp logins & passwords

    Thanks Jester. u nailed it in one!!!

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