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    Default SanDisk Cruzer in sept PCW

    In the September issue of PCWorld, theres an article on storage (pg 72)
    and they have a section on USB drives.
    On page 74, they have info about "SanDisk Cruzer 256mb" I thought this seemed like a great deal - $144.
    So i went to the website, and went to buy one, only thing - they don't ship internationaly, so i looked around some local NZ PC sites (incl a search in pricespy) and they go for around $300 - $400 here, where as the were only $70 US on the SD site.

    Does anyone know how I can get one of these for the price they have in the mag?

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    Default Re: SanDisk Cruzer in sept PCW

    I can't help with that particular one, but how about how about a USB pen drive (same as what you want) here under USB pen drive. 256Mb for $119.00 inc GST and freight.

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