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Thread: CDRW

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    bk T

    Default CDRW

    Looking for a CD writer; considering: Aopen, Asustek, and Liteon.

    Users of the above please comment on these writers in terms of performace and reliability, thanks.


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    Peter H

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    Using Aopen 40 12 48 - no problems - they all have a warranty, so buy from a reputable source.

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    While not mentioned in your list.... I use an LG.
    It does everthing I want.

    I have no opinion regarding the others you list.

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    I have the LG as well with no regrets or problems. Have had 3 (various speeds) without a problem. The youngest loves it as it is compatible with copy software for backing up his games

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    Asus over an Aopen.

    Liteon the same as Asus.

    I've bought 5 Asus writers in the past, and all have been excellent. Currently you can buy an Asus 52X writer for $89 + GST installed.

    All writers are much of a muchness, until you ask them to do things such as backing up copy protected CD's etc.... that's when you will notice the differences.


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    Have Aopen,first one was faulty,second one good.

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    I use an LG.

    In comparison to 3 others of varying brands the LG seems to be the better unit by far. Well made, quiet, smooth transport mechanism.

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    I have a btc....

    ....and does anyone want it?


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    Billy T

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    Odd man out: I use a Samsung and I am very happy with it. I chose it primarily for the 8MB buffer, but it has excellent build quality and is very quiet in operation.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Poppa John

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    I've got a "Maryann" & she is a very fast typist !!! PJ

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