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    Chemical Ali

    Default Sound Card & Mandrake Linux

    I have just installed Mandrake 9.1 as part of a dual boot system (with Win XP) and have installed okay but can't get any sound!
    Mandrake appears to have detected both of my sound devices okay (Soundblaster Audigy & on-board sound) but can't figure out how to 'configure' the Audigy as my "primary" sound device and get some noise.
    Been into Konsole and tried to run: # su -
    followed by: # sndconfig
    but nothing happens!!

    Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Sound Card & Mandrake Linux

    It may be that you havent installed sndconfig.

    Might I suggest you do the same as I did (I have onboard AC '97, and a SB!Live PCI card):
    Reboot your PC and get into the BIOS
    Disable the OnBoard sound
    Reboot and run sndconfig (if installed, although Im sure MDK comes with something called drakconf), as this will setup your Audigy as primary.
    Restart and enable your onboard sound again.

    Worked for me in RH 8/9

    Hope this helps



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