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    bk T

    Default Word - double underline

    Anyone out there knows how to double underline a sentence or word?


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    Default Re: Word - double underline

    if you are using word then just hightlight the word then right click on it and go font. Then choose the underline style you want

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    Susan B

    Default Re: Word - double underline



    go to Format > Font > Underline Style and choose double underlining in there.

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    Default Re: Word - double underline

    You can also add a double-underline button to your toolbar. Right-click on your toolbar somewhere and click "Customise". In the new window click the "Commands" tab, scroll to "Format" in the left column and from the right column drag Double Underline to where you want it on the toolbar (Next to the "Underline" button is a good place ). You can also add any other buttons you want to your toolbar from here.



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